Additional activities are available and can be booked through us. These are at additional cost and are not included in the daily rate. These activities include:

  • Kruger National Park – 2 day Trip

The world renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa. We are 2 hours’ drive from the Kruger Park and will overnight in 2 different camps.

  • Mapungubwe National Park – Day trips

Mapungube National Park is one of the World’s 8th Heritage Site. It’s the ideal location for anyone interested in wildlife, birds and history. It is a 10 km drive from Schietfontein Safaris.

  • Crocodile Farm – Day Trips

Up close and personal interaction with more than 15 000 crocodiles. See how they are fed as well as an interaction with the baby crocodiles. Enjoy a amazing view of each crocodile. 

Please ask your PH and hosts for more information.